How To Participate

ERIE PROVIDERS AND STAFF – Please refer your patients to us!

Who qualifies for Asthma Action at Erie?
To participate, a child must be the following:
– A patient at Erie Family Health Center
– Between 5 to 16 years old
– Have asthma that is not well controlled.  (We will help you figure this out.)

How do families sign up or get more information?
Daisy Cintron is happy to answer your questions about Asthma Action at Erie.  (Ella habla español.)

Call her at 312-355-0972 or email her at to learn more about this research project.

Also, you can learn more about this research project at Erie Family Health Center.  Ask for the Asthma Action at Erie Intervention Coordinator and Research Specialist in the clinic.

Erie providers and staff
Thank you for referring your patients to us. Together, we will work to improve the lives and health of children with asthma.